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Division Hacks

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We got our hands on the new Tom Clancy’s The Division beta (as soon as it went online) and about thirty minutes later we put the first-ever hack out for it. If you played the beta, you know how open the worlds are and how the enemy can kill you quickly.
Our new hack allows you to see the enemy at all times, even when they hide behind walls or other objects, check the screen below to see the ESP wallhack in action.

We have NEVER had a detection with The Division game hack so you don’t have to worry about getting a ban!!! Also if you like new PC games don’t forget to check out our Apex Legends Hack with Silent Aimbot!
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How Do The Division Cheats Work?

Once you’re in the game playing multiplayer, you will notice all enemy players have a red box around them, this is called a bounding box or ESP. You can always see the enemy anywhere on the map, letting you plan any attack and kill better. We also worked to find all objects in every map so we could mark those as well. When you’re inside the game, you can turn options on and off using our hack menu. The ESP walls allow you to spot weapons and enemies at all times, the Division Cheats enhance the playing experience.

Is The Division Hack Undetected?

Yes, The Division hack is undetected by the anti-cheat in the game. You can play without having to worry about getting banned. =) 99% of our game cheats have had no bans in over two years!

Do You Have A Full Aimbot for The Division?

Yes, we do, we released the first aimbot for The Division, and you can kill someone in seconds. The aimbot includes VIS checks and it’s a full bone aimbot so you can set it to the head, chest, etc. using the mouse-driven menu. The aimbot comes with a full variety of options like an auto switch, aim speed, human aim, and more. In other words, you can’t be beat using our cheats for The Division.

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How Can I Get The Division Cheat Now?!

It’s simple to get and takes about five minutes. First BUY the game on Steam.

  1. Go to our Shop page
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Do You Have Any Special Features in The Division Hack?

We have some great special features that are exclusive to IWantCheats, also, keep in mind other sites may list some of the same characteristics but they aren’t coded likes ours, to keep you undetected. =)


  1. Smiley Faces: Change the enemy heads to a smiley face or any of the EIGHT character faces we included (see image below).
  2. True Humanized Silent Aim: Your weapon will aim and kill the enemy even when the gun isn’t locked on (see video below).
  3. Humanized No Recoil: Removes weapon sway and recoil while still looking like the recoil is present to others.
  4. Amazing Anti-Cheat: Over 18 years of combined anti-cheat experience, means you get the best anti-cheat technology on the planet!
  5. Moving Crosshair: Shows you where the next bullet will hit without adjusting your viewpoint.

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The Division – An Online “Dark Winter.”

After seemingly unending anticipation, the closed beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division just went live on Xbox One – with PS4 and PC versions to follow within days. The beta version is expected to live up to the high standards of the professional gaming community for the simple reason that the final version is due for release on March 8. The beta is likely to incorporate almost all of the features of the “real thing” and gamers can look forward to an exciting experience.

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About the game
The Division is an open-world third-person shooter game based on survival mode. It has been developed and published by the infamous Ubisoft who first announced the game at a press conference in 2013. The two-year wait for the final release has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of the worldwide web of gamers and initial response to the closed beta announcement must be music to the ears of the developers.

What most people/gamers/critics agree on is the spectacular environment of the game. Set in midtown Manhattan, the realistic recreation leaves almost nothing to be desired, and the addition of weather control systems makes for some fascinating features in the game. Moreover, unlike most MMOs, the Manhattan of the Division is not populated by human players alone (though you will of course come across them in random pockets of the game map). In most cases, players will be faced off with AI enemies.

And here is the best part – this story is a real live simulation! In 2001, the US carried out a bioterrorist attack simulation code-named “Operation Dark Winter”. The simulation was designed to predict the outcome of a covert smallpox attack on the US and aimed at pointing out the inadequacies of national emergency response to such a scenario.

The intent was to come up with preventive measures and effective response strategies and to generate awareness of the seriousness of the immense destructive capacity of biological warfare.

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Access to the beta is by a code you get if you pre-ordered the game. The actual game has three editions: Standard, Collectors, and Gold. Needless to say, the Gold and Collector’s edition will come with some in-game content. The Collector’s Edition gets you a Season Pass, agent’s watch, poster, agent armband and art book along with Urban Jungle content. Gold Edition comes with Season Pass, exclusive armor set, customized weapons, and other equipment.

The Plot
Tom Clancy’s The Division is in characteristic Clancy dramatic, apocalyptic style. The US is under attack by a deadly enemy – Smallpox. The epidemic spread on a Black Friday through a virus planted onto banknotes and true to its nature spread like wildfire across the entire country. Emergency services collapse after an initially strong response. National Institutions are unable to keep up. Riots erupt all around resulting in large numbers of casualties apart from the deaths being caused by the virus running wild.

The government structure disintegrated within five days, and without stability, the entire country takes a trip into a chaotic social structure.

Enter Strategic Homeland Division (SHD) aka “The Division”. A smart person (or persons) had planned for this very same outcome and trained a group of agents to operate independently in such situations. SHD tactical officers are tasked by the President of the United States to combat the fallout of the outbreak and bring about a semblance of normality to the city of Manhattan.

Players take on the role of SHD agents and find themselves in missions involving the eradication of the secret organization behind the release of the deadly virus as well as other threats that emerge from the socio-economic conditions prevailing in the present scenario.

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The Enemy
While restoring order in the dysfunctional city, you will come across two factions. The first is the inevitable band of looters taking advantage of the situation to hoard up on anything they can find. Next, come the “Cleaners” – a military-style group of paranoid people who think the only way to end the epidemic is to burn everyone alive.

Most of the enemies you come across will be AI, and they are pretty tough to face! Not only do they die hard (a seemingly endless round of bullets will still keep them coming at you) they also force you to play it smart rather than just be trigger happy. Primarily because The Division is an RPG game with shooting rather than the other way around. Enemies have health stats too, so when you shoot at them instead of dropping dead, you knock off points from their health bars according to the effectiveness/level of the weapon you used. The game is, even more, immersive because you are forced to make tactical decisions and work as a team with your squad to be able to hold your line.

The Environment
The New York of The Division is an open world in which players are free to explore. The developers have to be given credit for the dynamic, time-based weather system which adds a sense of realism to the game environment. Just like real life, the weather can be with you or against you.

Ubisoft’s new Snowdrop Engine alone is well worth the long time it took to develop the game. The New York map in the game is spookily realistic and the real-time (in the gaming sense) snowstorms that can hit at any time make The Division a real immersive experience. Adding to this is the day-night system which can leave you staring at the night sky after a storm.
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The destructive effects are also very satisfyingly impressive. Blow up things leave behind gigantic holes and chunks of rocks/building material. Cars don’t just sit there like flat graphics when you shoot at them: doors get dislodged, tires explode and lights shatter. Almost like watching a real action film.

How to Play
The mechanics of The Division are pretty much the same as any other third-person shooter game with the character model visible at all times. You get to carry three weapons and another arsenal like bombs and mines. Progression through the missions gets rewarded with “experience points” which you can utilize to boost up your character and backpack or level up your weapons. You can also learn new talents and skills.

Playing The Division alone is possible, but it’s meant to be a multiplayer game, and you won’t be able to get the best experience if you go solo. In Co-op mode, you will be teaming with 2-3 other players to make up squads to go on missions with each round. Choose your teammates carefully, because you all will have a different set of abilities and you want to end up with a balanced set. For example, if you’re high in Medic skills you may want a hardened combat soldier to watch your back.

The PVP mode takes you into the intensely competitive “Dark Zone”. You’ll get access to a lot of sophisticated weapons or “infected loot” left behind by the enemy. This mode has a different and separate progression system from the rest of the game.

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The Dark Zone consists of walled-off areas that are the remnants of the government’s research centers to fight the crippling virus taking over the city. Eventually, they were evacuated leaving behind loads of goodies for looters including weapons. Navigating the Dark Zone requires some preparation on your part. Some of the walled areas still have the aftermath of dangerous experiments, and you need a special mask before you can try your luck.

The tricky part about looting in the “Dark Zone” is that item you pick up can just as easily get stolen by other players and won’t get permanently attached to your character model unless you can smuggle them out of the zone. Also, you can’t use the weapons you loot while you are still in the dark area because they are “contaminated” by radiation. You have to wait to get to the extraction point where a chopper will lift you out.

While you are waiting, remember you aren’t the only one out looking for loot! When (and if) you get to the extraction point you might find yourself face to face with other players who also made it there with their loot. Sometimes, they may be content to wait it out – just standing around in defensive mode with weapons ready. Most of the time, someone goes trigger happy, and you find yourself fighting a “winner takes all” combat for your previously earned loot.

Characters and Missions
Choosing a character is easy – you just have to pick a face and hairstyle and then get dropped off via helicopter to your first mission which involves establishing a command center. The command center becomes your home away from home for as long as you play “The Division”. The command center is where you have to return to receive new missions and purchase items. You have access to two fully upgraded primary weapons and a standard-issue sidearm. Swapping is possible between all three, allowing for easy combat activity.

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The home base (command center) has three sections. These are Medical, Tech, and Security and each has its commander to give you orders and send you on your way to combat. The chapters build up as you complete missions, and they are co-dependent in the sense that you can’t have a good security section without Tech to back it up or fight combats and live to tell about it without a Medical section that performs.

The Medical section missions are handed over by a renowned virologist. This guy is the expert who can end it all i.e. the key to putting an end to the smallpox virus. Tech run by an ex-military engineer who will play his part in rebuilding the city (or at least your side of it). Security branch missions are in the domain of the head of the Joint Task Force. JTF is one of the “good” factions that came about after the collapse.

Three categories of abilities are available: skills, talents, and perks. Skills are what will help you during combats. Each section/branch has four skills that unlock as you level up. Players can use their character’s skills to turn the tables on the enemy e.g. a riot shield can protect you against enemy fire as you dash across a combat zone to pick up loot. Moreover, skills get upgraded as you level up like a healing circle that gets wider so your squad members can spread out during missions and still benefit from your magic healing touch. Some perks are permanent – once you have the ability for quicker reloads it stays with you. Talents, however, are limited to four at one time.

Gamer Community Response
All in all, the game is receiving great reviews for its storyline and graphics. The Division takes you inside a beautiful Manhattan, albeit a post-cataclysmic one. From the cold, snow-ridden streets to the rats skulking around in alleys, you will find yourself immersed in the kind of realistic graphics associated with the best MMO’s out there. The release date is just around the corner, and we look forward to the developers taking a shot at final tugs and tweaks before taking a bow!

The Division System Requirements:
Minimum Recommended
• Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
• Processor: Intel Core i5-2400, AMD FX-6100 or better
• RAM: 6GB
• Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 with 2 GB VRAM (current equivalent NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760), AMD Radeon HD 7770 with 2 GB VRAM or better
• DirectX: Version 11
• Hard Drive Space: 40 GB of space available • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
• Processor: Intel Core i7-3770, AMD FX-8350 or better
• RAM: 8GB
• Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 or better
• DirectX: Version 11
• Hard Drive: 40 GB of space available

If you have the system requirements above to run The Division hacks then click the image below to register and start having in five minutes or less!!!

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Last Updated on June 25, 2023