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Ring of Elysium Review

Ring of Elysium (RoE) is a brilliant free multiplayer online battle Royale, which is currently available on Steam. Crafted by Tencent Games, it is built using QuickSilverX engine. The game renders top-quality visuals and special effects. It was released in different parts of Asia and in North America on 19 September 2018 for Steam users as part of Early Access. The European region will get the game at some time in the future. It is currently available for Microsoft Windows users.

Tencent Games came up with this voguish title, and it caught the attention of gaming aficionados after the first trailer was released. Promising to surpass the frenzy and fan-following associated with biggies in the Battle Royale genre like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it is all set to offer a new spin on things and dazzle you with something different and exciting.

Ring of Elysium MPGH has been inspired by Europa, and it would not be wrong to say that it is almost a re-creation of this older game. It had a closed beta phase on Garena Launcher with a planned finish date of June 2018 for both the Indonesian and Thailand Server.
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ROE Plot

Imagine a scenario where sixty people are trapped in a snow mountain hit by a terrifying snowstorm! The only way out is a rescue flight that can save only up to four captives. Sounds thrilling, especially when you have to survive the rough conditions and eliminate your competitors to emerge a winner.

This last-player-standing shooter game packs impressive features that give an entirely new meaning to the Battle Royale genre. While you will notice many similarities typical of a battle-play title, there is a lot that makes it distinctive. These include a constantly changing battlefield and exciting tasks like finding moving cube sand cracks in the sky. The gameplay also features the stereotypical survival tactics, gathering resources, looting weapons and snagging equipment for defense, but all that is enwrapped in a new, exciting and immersive gaming plot.

ROE Gameplay
You might find a striking resemblance with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at first, but the engaging storyline of RoE gets you hooked onto your screens as you progress to higher levels. The plot involves players battling each other out on an island featuring the fascinating game world. As soon as you are dropped into the game world after flying over the island, you must start executing strategies to build your defense base and strengthen your armor & weaponry to outwit the opponents. Ring of Elysium unknown cheats offers sixty contestants for each match. You must, therefore, be ready to loot, equip yourself with strong weapons and fight with these opponents to be the last person standing.

The cold weather in the Mt. Dione region has made officials ask the residents to evacuate. However, you and 99 other people are stranded in a resort, left behind due to bad weather that has made it impossible to rescue you. There is only one helicopter, which is on its way to save you, so you must ensure you do your best to grab one of the four seats on the chopper.

Although there are certain similarities with the other Battle Royale genre games, Ring of Elysium makes you feel as you are playing a Battle Royale for the very first time. Why? Well, for starters, the battlefield is a hub of constant changes, primarily due to the dynamic weather, so the conditions rapidly experience a shift. A sunny day could turn into a dark, thunderous abode within moments. This requires you to be more alert and quick-witted to adapt to the playing strategy. Then there is the day/night cycle that also poses challenges for the players because you have to factor in new things as you scram toward the next safe zone.

ROE Visuals Effects and Performance
Ring of Elysium also impresses with stunning visual effects and performance. RoE offers a tremendous life-like gaming experience. The sequences are more realistic making you pine for more. The designers have mainly focused on the special effects and graphics, which reflects through landscapes, climatic conditions, and cool characters. It almost feels real when you are shooting at an opponent or making your way to the safety zone. The backdrop features a unique but creative blend of science fiction and realism. This is possibly the highlight of the title; it is something that sets it apart from the rest of the Battle Royale games. One of the reasons why gamers will attract to RoE is the staggering amount of optimization and a grand narrative. The title performs flawlessly even with the dynamic weather conditions and changing scenarios to allow you enjoy a seamless gaming session.
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ROE Features, Classes & Modes
Ring of Elysium includes challenging tasks, winter environment, cool weapons, intense battles, and customization features. When compared to the popular Fortnite and PUBG, it has some inherent traits that make it stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • A unique dynamic weather system that could possibly cause hypothermia.
  • A large & automated weapon and attachment system where any tool or weapon you gather automatically equips to the relevant gun Harsh conditions featuring snowstorms & avalanches that could affect different areas in the game map.
  • Various locomotion types to choose including hang glider, mountain climbing and snowboard
  • Support for third-person perspectives in each match
  • Robust built-in cover mechanics
  • There are four winners for every game since the helicopter has up to four seats

ROE Modes
This fun, exciting and highly engaging title has gameplay features similar to Bluehole. With the traditional Battle Royale formula, the game continues to engage you in challenging tasks and test your survival abilities. With different multiplayer modes, Ring of Elysium challenges you to display your fighting prowess and strategic thinking to the best. Although there is no single-player mode at the moment, it includes intense matches featuring fierce challengers and high-end weaponry to step up the Battle Royale experience. The competition slowly moves on to transform into a win or lose spree, as a danger zone gradually closes in, which brings the match to the final stage.
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For multiplayer modes, multiple players can join the exciting battle play. You can team up with your friends to survive together in groups of up to four players in total. You can also play RoE solo if you wish to test your survival skills and battling capabilities. It is a good idea to play in a team, as that allows you enough flexibility and advantage to have someone watching your back while you are busy executing plans to help your team survive. A highlight of this fiery action-packed title is the availability of perspectives. While you can enjoy first-person or third-person modes in titles like PUBG, Ring of Elysium only offers a third-person perspective.

Although a dedicated single-person or first-person perspective is missing from the game, the immersive features of the third-person mode shift the focus away from this drawback. With a third-person mode active, enjoy shooting at your foes with precision, peek around corners, and check out the surroundings, especially the spots around other opponents with ease. This provides you ample information on the battlefield for effective planning and concocts productive strategies to take on competent players from across the globe. With such a dedicated and precise third-person perspective, you hardly miss the first-person mode; in fact, it is not really required.

Ring of Elysium comes equipped with three classes to choose from before you are dropped in the Mt. Dione region. The Gliding class entails the highest mobility at 3 but also features the lowest capacity at 1. In this class, you spawn with 5 medical bandages and a handgun with 15 9mm rounds. Your locomotive option here is a glider, which offers excellent mobility, especially in the rough terrain. The Skiing class is a balance between the gliding and climbing class. It features a capacity of 2 and a movement of 2, which is magnificent if you are an experienced gamer. Here you spawn with 5 bandages and a USP45 handgun with 15 .45 ACP rounds. You have the option of using a snowboard, which offers seamless mobility with the right amount of speed. The Climbing class has the lowest movement and the highest capacity at 3. You are dropped in the game world with 5 bandages and a Citori 12 gauge shotgun. You have tools like a zipline gadget and a climbing ax to move around. You will be able to spot locations on the map by looking out for areas marked by diamonds or thick lines, which are guides to access points for the climbing walls.
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Ring of Elysium is definitely an exciting and thrilling multiplayer title, which has had the gamer’s anticipation soaring since its early access release on Steam. With challenging battles, fiery squads to take down, and a range of powerful artillery at your disposal, the title challenges you to snag the last-man-standing position. With Ring of Elysium, you need to be patient, observant, proactive, and diligent. Any ticking over or slackness can cost you the winner’s title, so be sure to tread carefully and stay vigilant and well equipped for survival, especially in the rough conditions. The Ring of Elysium Artificial Aiming is the best of class for any shooter game.

As an inexperienced player, you may face difficulty at first trying to figure out how to move around without alerting your opponents, when to shoot at an enemy, and where to strengthen your weaponry. Be patient and calm without hurrying to shoot down an enemy or gather equipment without thinking. Start by practicing on your own, customizing your character, and choosing one of the three classes. As soon as you are spawned with a starting weapon and a locomotive option, take your time to study your surroundings and observe your opponent’s movements.

Look out for any sounds and movements nearby, stay at a safe hidden zone, and look out for materials you could possibly use to augment your defense kit. With each new level, you will have access to new upgrades like clothes for different climatic conditions, healthcare facilities, weapons, and specialized equipment. The ROE Cheat Aimbot will help you see the enemy so you won’t be surprised.

When playing in teams, do not attempt to shoot first, let the opponents make their move, and have your squad take the lead while you watch their back. Take off your shoes so that you can move around without making a sound even on surfaces like water bodies, stone pavements, and metallic platforms. Try to bounce the grenades off as it makes throwing grenades at tighter angles even more comfortable. You can also un-equip your artillery in the downed state where a member of your team can supply ammo for you. While you are downed, you can do the same for them.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2023