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Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval skill-based melee video game crafted by Triternion for those who prefer intense battleplay. The game boasts beautiful graphics that give you a lucid feel of the middle ages with swordsmen hunting around for resources and taking on powerful foes to survive and hog the top slot.

With its competitive gameplay, Mordhau challenges the players to execute sharp tactics and use their combative knack to move up higher echelons and become the ultimate Mordhau champion. The game was released on April 29, 2019, for Microsoft Windows (also available on Steam).

An awe-inspiring hack n slash title, Mordau features a wealth of exciting features. These include a combat system built for hand-to-hand combat, smart fighting techniques, and old-school action highlights like redirection, feints, and alternative use of battle tools.

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With a variety of powerful weapons at your disposal like axes, swords, siege engines, tools for mounted combat and ranged weapons, Mordau draws you in with its competitive battling challenges and real-life medieval action sequences. Built on Unreal Engine 4, it features multiple thrilling modes, included exclusively by developers to offer gaming enthusiasts a larger-than-life, rich gaming experience.

You will enjoy rolling around a sword taking down ferocious enemies in this multiplayer saga that can take up to 64 players at one time. Compared to other melee games released over the years, Mordhau snags an edge when it comes to skill cap and the noteworthy twitch-based combat.

The battling sequences that the gameplay entails are surely gritty enough to make you break a sweat and put your quick wit for a more utile turn of events in the gripping medieval play. The gameplay primarily involves assuming the role of a warrior to take on objective-based skirmishes on a highly intense realistically-structured battlefield.

You can choose your warrior amongst the nine character categories available in the game. With a slew of excellent character customization features available, you can tweak your warrior to include the most effective combinations of skill and display traits. The key here is to execute the most apposite moves at the right time to gain an edge over your competitors.

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MORDHAU Features & Game Modes
You can always explore basic pointers to tackle the battlefield dynamics and the best way to use the parries, attacks, and counters available to you to lead your way through the addictive gameplay.

Mordau correctly works on split-second timing, so you need to be swift and act fast, especially when you’ve got the foes trying to hunt you down or take up your loot. Remember, while brandishing a sword, you cannot hold down the bloc, and you only have limited weaponry for defensive play at the start.

With a left-click execute, you will need to sync the timed parry with your opponent’s movements as that only works for about a second. The game also entails a numeric system where almost any defensive measure you execute will trigger an equivalent counter that will flay your attack with ease.

The workaround to that is to be attentive & quick enough to handle player attacks with a heady approach and react quickly, especially when you’re part of a duel. With a fast response strategy, you will have the ambit to thwart the numeric counter system easily and grab a win over the experienced combatants.

One flip side is that the game unlike other multiplayer titles like Battlefield 5 and Overwatch does not include structured breakpoints from the excellent action plan, such as locking down a point or reviving a team player if killed during play. The game is packed with continuous action sequences that will have you hooked onto your screens while you’re getting pine moments of an intense-free playstyle once in a while.

Since the backdrop involves a medieval combat mode, the weapons at your disposal are powerful and poignant enough to put your prowess to good use. Archery primarily tests your shooting skills, and if you’re good with the bow, then you’re well-positioned to make it big in the game. Although it is easy to target a foe with one of the mighty arrows in Mordau, it is highly competitive to land a hit.

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The projectiles and string on the bow, are structured to add more complexity when aiming a hit and shooting. Therefore, you need to practice a bit to understand how the crosshair moves in a semicircle on the bow within a second before you get comfortable with it.

Aside from the regular Mordhau and Frontline modes, the other two prominent styles include player vs. AI Horde mode and Battle Royale. You’ll start as a pure warrior with basically no weapons in the Horde mode.

The only way to buy yourself some good artillery is to kill most of the AI combatants that keep spawning throughout the gameplay.

Although these AI foes aren’t as sharp-skilled as the Frontline Combatants, they try to keep pace with you as you move ahead trying to assimilate resources and making your character more powerful.

With a significantly lower combat ability they, however, are quick in ambushing you and mobbing up on players who are playing solo. S,o watch out for that if you’ve just hit Horde.

When playing Mordau, an important thing to remember is to stick together with your teammates and stay vigilant while acting fast.

It is a good idea to make handy use of structures & formations around as hideouts and natural choke points in the game to avoid the opponent’s attacks and survive without being jumped up by an AI rogue. The Battle Royale is a mode you will definitely enjoy.

As the name suggests, this is primarily the ‘last man standing’ mode where you need to make sure you complete all combative challenges, pile up enough resources to move up higher levels and foil any raid attempts to steer yourself toward the winner’s spot.

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With a large game map to traverse, you need to explore the adventurous terrain brimming with hidden power-ups and opportunities for loot chests while accomplishing various tasks. You need to focus stringently on gathering more resources like randomized loot from chests that are scattered across the game world and avoid the shrinking circle.

As is commonplace with most titles in this genre, this mode includes a shrinking territory that keeps getting smaller with time as you are engrossed in assimilating resources and fighting other opponents. If you’re not vigilant about it, it’ll just take you in for a zap.

Therefore, keep that on your radar while you go on about slashing n slothing, thwacking and hacking for a win. If you are a fresher who is trying to learn the ropes for Mordhau, I would recommend starting with the Horde mode to get a fair idea of the fundamentals. Once you have got enough expertise in beating up bigger meat, it is wise to move on to Frontline. Otherwise, you’ll end up at the sore end feeling like a total scrub.

Mordau Tips & Tricks
This beautiful medieval melee combat game essentially requires you to fight other players in an intense, action-packed battlefield. Slay, Hack, Slash, dislodge, and dismember your route to winning glory. Whether you’re playing the 32v32 tug-of-war-style Frontline or one of the other modes in the game, the key is to stay vigilant while you take on competent opponents from across the globe.

While you are trying to make your way across the colossal game map gathering resources, you will need to be quick enough to thwart any ambush attempts from foes lurking around murky formations and hideouts in the medieval landscape. Be careful to choose the right type of weapon for your fighting strategy and keep a check on your health bar and stamina counter for a big win in this adventurous saga.

Whether you’re using a longbow, a spear, a zweihander or falchion, you should focus on killing as many enemy players as possible while making your necessary moves to stay alive as long as you can. I’ve mentioned here a list of useful and pragmatic tips and tricks that will undoubtedly help you snag the victory.
mordhau logo

The most vital aspect to consider when playing Mordhau is to use the right mix of weapons, skills, and character traits to gain an edge over the rest. You should also have a clear understanding of the Mordhau’s controls that you will need to use while battling and taking on others. There is a slew of different settings and keybinds that you will come across in Mordhau. The better you know about them, the higher your chances of getting up echelons quickly. It is also essential to gather as many resources as you can throughout the play, including weapons, tools, power-ups, and loot so that you can buy new upgrades and mighty weapons for your warrior.

With Mordhau, you’ve got to make a decision earlier for the style of control scheme required for the melee fighting. I suggest you give a good thought to make this decision to get familiar with the gaming dynamics, the working of the controls and styles, so you do not have to switch later to another playstyle once you’ve gone through all the learning. It’ll only take about an hour to learn all the settings and controls for the game. Besides, you can always start practicing by playing the Horde Mode where you are fighting against rugged AI opponents.

There are primarily two control methods in the game known as the 240 system and the keybinds system. You’ll need to be well aware of these to use the controls correctly and add more flexibility to your gaming. You have a slew of various attacks and fighting tactics available at your disposal in this battle-play saga. These include four weapon attacks (stab, upper strike, lower strike, and side strike).

These are handy attacks that can be done either to the right or to the left, and that will help you hack n slack your way to higher levels with ease. These multiple attacks are your most vital battling assets that will help step up your characters performance and fighting ability. Using eight different offenses, you can clinch a win in the following two ways.

You can either make use of the keybinds system where you assign individual keybinds or keybind combos for every attack. Secondly, you can utilize the 240 system where you just have one or two keys for attacking your enemy. With this technique, you can move the mouse in the direction you wish to attack. Each of these techniques has its own set of pros and cons so you can take your pick from amongst the different types of attacks available to you by keeping these on your consideration list.

The 240 system is intuitive and easy to learn, highly recommended if you are trying your skills at the game for the first time. The second technique, the keybinds system, offers you far greater control, flexibility, and more precision with your attacks. However, you need to be well-equipped with the correct way to implement the technique, as the 240 system, at times, might misunderstand your intentions so that you tend to swing in a different direction than you planned.

You won’t have this problem with keybinds however, as these are easier to use and entail less maneuvering. On the other hand, Keybinds are more profound and complex compared to the 240 system. During learning, you’ll notice this one has a slightly steeper learning curve, and you’d often be working your noggin over deciding what technique you should use, as the flurry of enemy sword attacks come whizzing your way.

You have the option of using a mix or a combination of the two techniques for a competitive edge in the medieval play. Keybinds offer you the flexibility of assigning keybinds to different keys while still using your mouse to execute specific attacks.

The Keybinds method is generally preferred, and you don’t have to use a different key for each of the eight attacks set. You could instead use keys assigned for four attack types and hit the “Flip Attack Side” key to make use of the left or alternative version of the attacks.

With Keys, you get more empowerment to execute your battling strategy along with more control over your actions. It depends entirely on your ad-hoc preferences, what technique out of the two you want to use. While most gamers feel comfortable using the 240 system, others find the Keybinds more convenient and practical.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2023