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Fear the Wolves Hacks

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Fear the Wolves Hack

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Fear the Wolves Aimbot

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Fear the Wolves Cheat

Fear the Wolves Review

Just when we thought the world has enough Battle Royale games, another developer gets ready to release a new game. First unveiled in February 2018, Fear the Wolves is an FPS, Battle Royale game that will be fully published by Vostok Games next year. The team of developers is made up of ex-employees from GSC Game World who brought us the famous S.T.A.L.K.E.R game series and the lesser-known, Survarium. Speaking of the game, it is based on the Chornobyl power plant from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

The developers released the trailer for the game and some screenshots at E3 2018. While the trailer showcases a man running through a desolate land with wild wolves chasing after him and other players shooting at him, the game seems to have something different to offer; something more and besides the regular, run-of-the-mill Battle Royale concept. Don’t get overly optimistic, it is still precisely similar to every other Battle Royale game, but it has innovatively refined a few basic ideas. And there are some added concepts, entirely new ones, to make gamers genuinely get excited for Fear the Wolves.

Fear the Wolves is set to hit the marketplaces in 2019 for PC and consoles. Developers did allow Early Beta Access via Steam, on July 18th, 2018. Moreover, there is an exclusive closed beta you can sign up for as well.

The storyline is exactly what you expect a Battle Royale game to have and though this one may be set in a desolate and apocalyptic Chornobyl, the general rules are the same with a seemingly small yet exciting bunch of twists.

Unlike most other Battle Royales in which you drop down with no weapons or protection, here you drop down with a primitive weapon, an Axe. Surprisingly, this Axe is quite capable of protecting you in hand-to-hand combat but not against smoking guns. After you find ammo, bags, medkits, and other essential items to survive in the game, the real fun starts. As the trailer shows, the player is not only shown to be able to use stealth tactics to ambush other players effectively but also has the right and proper well-functioning guns in the bargain.

Fear the Wolves Cheats

The physics of the game has been designed in such a way that no matter where you shoot, the bullets will fly in the same direction you pull in. Bullets don’t scatter and always go where you aim them. Developers are proud to add this in the game. While the roster of the weapons seems the same, we are sure the S.T.A.LK.E.R developers will have something different to offer as well when the full game is unveiled.

Moving on, in an interview with the Vostok Games’ PR manager, it was revealed that the other game dynamics have been purposely made to affect the way a gamer is able to play Fear the Wolves. The changing weather effects, including the way the environment changes, the weapons, and other aspects of how the game responds will make it a new and diverse experience for the players. When it’s raining, being stealthy becomes much harder as the water on the ground makes every step you take noisy, squishy, and wet. The ability to scope and shoot at players also becomes difficult due to the rainy conditions, as it would be in real life too. The game is made and designed to give the most lifelike, realistic experience to attract maximum players. From the changes in the daytime to the way you and other players take a hit, everything seems very convincing to us.

Since the people at Vostok Games only gave us a trailer to judge the game by, and with no actual gameplay, we cannot precisely say what the visuals of this game will hold in real playtime. Although considering that the developers are based out of Kiev, there could be no one better to provide us with original, firsthand experience to make Chornobyl come to life. The team of developers purposely gave Fear the Wolves that raw, brutally appealing, and realistic look and we expect nothing but greatness from the former S.T.A.L.K.E.R developers.  If that is not enough, the fact that this game will be released for PC, Xbox One and the PS4, with high-class graphics and visuals is enough to make it our next most anticipated Battle Royale.

The Twists of Fear the Wolves

Even though this is just another Battle Royale game, the developers have made sure they change it up in a way that manages to pique every gamer’s interest. Whether people read about it or watch videos, everyone is eagerly awaiting for the Fear the Wolves official release.

In a regular Battle Royale game, you and some other players, have to kill each other to be the last man standing to win, and do all this while staying inside a specified zone that keeps on changing locations. Well, in this take on the Battle Royale game, you not only have PvE threats but there is an unpredictable Radiation Zone that pops up from time to time. With the right equipment, it can be super simple to live through the killing zone.

Fear the Wolves Wallhack

First off, let’s talk about the Player versus Environment or PvE element that Vostok Games brought to the table. Unlike other Battle Royale games, you and every other player have to fight off the mutant wolves and various other monsters born from the Chernobyl radiation. This is a different and definitely cool feature because these mutants mercilessly attack everyone without warning and you can either fight them off, or the other players shoot at you. Whatever you choose to do, remember, your ammo depletes either way.

Now coming to the radiation zones. While you definitely have red zones and what, not that pop up in other Battle Royale games, causing destruction at random and killing you in the process, you cannot actively carry out a “counter-attack” against them other than finding cover and hoping you don’t die because of a glitch in the system. This is where the importance of finding the right gear comes in.

To survive the radiation zone in Fear the Wolves, you need to find Gas Masks straight at the beginning of the game. If you don’t find Gas Masks or Hazmat Suits in time, your player will experience vivid hallucinations and eventually suffer from radiation poisoning. This was another unexpected yet well-planned surprise by the developers because other Battle Royale games do not emphasize this aspect or have any proper functions for clothing or gear that players own or find, other than for the purpose of image and appearance.

Other than this, the developers of Fear the Wolves plan on offering exclusive services for online streamers and live streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. How may you ask? Well, in the interview with the games PR, Oleg Yavorsky, he said that the brains at Vostok Games were planning on letting the audience of live stream players influence different aspects of the game to make it harder or more comfortable for the ‘streamer’ to play. Other than that, streamers might be able to set up their own servers on the game with their own set of “modified rules.”

The night environment fights back in every way possible. Other than radiation zones and mutant wolves and monsters, the game also has different kinds of Anomalies which you have to avoid and steer clear of.  These anomalies come at you, each with a different method of attack. For instance, there are invisible anomalies that you need to find your way out of before you get attacked by other players or the mutant monsters. And there is another anomaly, where if you stand still in one place on the map for too long, this anomaly attacks you. The second you start running or moving, the threat goes away. This will not only stop campers from making our blood boil but also bring something new to the Battle Royale genre.

Fear the Wolves Hacks

The End Game
The only way to win at a Battle Royale game is to be the last man standing after killing all others on the map. But not with Fear the Wolves! While you can win the game by being the last man standing, there is another way to win the game. Toward the end of the game, a helicopter will arrive somewhere on the map and wait; all you have to do is be the first one to get to it, and you win! That easy! This dynamic yet straightforward end-game feature will undoubtedly make for a thrilling experience. While you can just gun it and make a run toward the helicopter, you may get shot by other players sniping at you.

What to Expect from Fear the Wolves
As evident from our review, Fear the Wolves is the newest take on the Battle Royale games and is an outstanding effort. With new features, twists, and a bunch of different new surprises, we cannot wait to see what this game has in store for players who are tired of the same old, run-down versions of Battle Royale. There are a lot of new elements and features that make this game seem like a dream we have all been waiting for to come true. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that if not executed properly, could quickly become the downfall of this game. If Fear the Wolves is anything like S.T.A.L.K.E.R (which undoubtedly it is), based on the fact that the makers are necessarily the same, there are many expectations and weight this game has to carry on its shoulders, so to speak. And although we wish to see some glimpses of the gameplay, even just footage, judging by the trailer, Fear the Wolves seems like the breath of fresh air that the gaming world needs.

We expect that Fear the Wolves will be a deciding factor for all the Battle Royale games and that it will stay, and will not be like others which doomed. This is the ultimate opponent of PUBG, Fortnite, H1Z, and other Battle Royale games out there. If they don’t watch out, even they could most possibly be forgotten. Download the most popular Fortnite hacks today.

Last Updated on November 8, 2022