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If you downloaded the new Dirty Bomb Beta you know how fun this game is to play. I’m not sure if you’ve been on one of the game servers where someone seems to kill you over and over again or not?

If you noticed some people always winning with like 20+ kills and only a few deaths then you’ve seen someone using our new Dirty Bomb Hacks.

You can see my actual score below from a game I just played and I killed 28 people, died 4 times when I was reloading and came away with over 8000XP!

This means if you register on our forum and get VIP you can start winning every round, unlocking every character and weapon, and have more fun than you can imagine in Dirty Bomb. Here is the best place to buy the new MW2 hacks with reliable game enhancements.

dirty bomb hacks

How Does the Dirty Bomb Hack Work?

It’s simple to get the Dirty Bomb Hack to work and you don’t have to worry about detections because our hack is undetected. The great news is you don’t have to pay extra for the DLC, characters, weapons, etc because our PC Game hacks help you unlock everything in a few hours. This is how easy it is to sign up and use.

  1. Register on Our Forum
  2. Select the Dirty Bomb VIP Package
  3. Download the Dirty Bomb Hack in the Secret Forum
  4. Start the Cheat Loader
  5. Start the Game
  6. Play as Usual Using our ESP and Aimbot

Check out the screenshot below, look at the amount of XP I got from one round of gameplay, that’s how quickly you gain points in the game using our hack.

dirty bomb cheats


How Does the Dirty Bomb Aimbot Work?

In the image below you can see the enemy, he is outlined by a green box, this is called ESP.

We basically draw a box around the enemy at all times so you can see him even behind walls.

When the box is red the aimbot can’t lock on, but as soon as it turns green the aimbot locks on and stays locked on.

Then you simply fire and take them out before they even see you, it’s that simple. Really the only time you ever die is when you reload. For premium Warzone 2 hacks, look no further than IWantCheats as your trusted provider.

Top Rated Dirty Bomb Hacks

Our cheat codes have been working nonstop to bring you the most advanced Dirty Bomb Hacks in the world. The full-featured list of everything we offer is below, keep in mind if the Dirty Bomb Cheats become really popular we will always add more features for you:

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Nametags
* Distance
* Bounding Boxes
* Bounding Box Width
* Healthbars
* Fade

iwc-checkmarked Anti-Cheat
* SS Cleaner
* AnitCheat ByPass
* Tips & Tricks

iwc-checkmarked Removals
* Recoil
* Spread
* Shake

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Selectable Bone
* Selectable Aim Key
* BulletDrop
* Visibility Checks
* Stick to target
* AutoSwitch
* Aimspot


Our Dirty Bomb Aimbot Will Blow Away the Enemy

No other website in the world has as much combined cheat coding experience as we have here at Iwantcheats. Over 25 years of combined experience between all of our coders and that means the best Dirty Bomb Cheats in the world for you. The Dirty Bomb Aimbot will allow you to lock onto the enemy and take him out in seconds.

If you are thinking that the name ‘Dirty Bomb’ sounds oddly familiar then you won’t be surprised to know that before the game was known as Extraction it was Dirty Bomb. Splash Damage (the game’s developer) had originally revealed the game as Dirty Bomb but in August 2013 it was decided that Extraction would be the new name of the game. We have the most popular Apex Legends cheats on the market.

Despite the change to Extraction, it was decided that the game would now be called Dirty Bomb and looks set to remain as such.

Upon re-releasing the game under a new title, the game has also received a new facelift. It is a free-to-play game with skills and team play as the winning formula.

dirty bomb aimbots

Flawless Dirty Bomb Cheats

Splash Damage, the UK-based game producer announced that the game Dirt Bomb is free to play and free to win. The reasoning behind the decision to keep the game free was simply due to the fact that there are so many gamers out there who are not fortunate enough to have the ability to afford many of the games. So to follow suit we have made sure our Dirty Bomb Hacks are some of the lowest priced on the Internet for you.

There is the feeling that if you want to play the really great games out there it is going to cost you at least $60 of your hard-earned money. If you don’t have that luxury, free-to-play games such as Dirty Bomb are just what you need.

There are those who want to be able to enjoy gaming from their desktop without the necessity to pay out cash.

Another reason for keeping the game a Free to Play game, Splash Damage alongside American-based game publisher Nexon feels that the ethical merits of free team play are important. Team sports communities are all about trust and building confidence in gamers to learn new tactics and abilities and then to share them with other gamers.

dirty bomb aimbot

They felt that if the game was pay-to-play, you would lose that confidence gained through tactical knowledge building due to the possibility of being able to buy weaponry and skills and dominate the gameplay.

The great draw to this game is the ability to take part in a tactical game as part of a team. You will get a buzz and boost while you play alongside other gamers across all the territories from Europe, America to Australia, and so on as part of a team perfecting your character’s skills and weaponry.

Splash Damage had the aim to create a game as successful as Wolfenstein was when it was first launched. Since then 20 million gamers have played that title and so it was felt that the time had come to try to recreate its success with a new game.

It was intended that Dirty Bomb would be playable for anyone who understands the use of a mouse and keyboard and would like to perfect their team play skills, all this without being completely overwhelmed by a complex and difficult game.

That isn’t to say the game Dirty Bomb isn’t challenging though, you will find it continues to challenge you as your character develops along with your tactical knowledge.

In the aftermath of an apocalyptic storm, 2020 London is left destitute and abandoned and so are you without our new Dirty Bomb Cheats. The once rich and great city is now a cruel and empty place, full of private military companies out to claim the riches for themselves. This new game by Nexon should be the next big thing in the Free 2 Play FPS world for PC games.

Lawlessness and fear are rife and it is your chance to get in there and claim the victory and spoils for yourself and your team. Fortunately, with our Dirty Bomb Hacks, you can always see the enemy and take them down before they see you.

With ultra-realistic graphics and superb gameplay, you will find yourself literally absorbed into the game when you play. Currently, the game is in beta and our coder has unlimited access so we can provide you with the first-ever Dirty Bomb Hacks in the coming weeks.

The game graphics are realistic and avoid those cheap and irritating player grunts that you get so often in free-to-play games.

What do I need to get started?

System requirements for getting into the game are;
• a PC with a graphics card
• mouse
• keyboard
• Dirty Bomb Cheats

New Dirty Bomb Hacks have been released for the Free 2 Play Shooter from Nexon and it’s one seriously fun game. I currently have full beta access to the game and I’ve been playing it for a few weeks, the developers put a ton of work into it and you need to sign up now so you can get access once they allow more users. The great thing is we already have a working cheat for the game and it makes it 100X better using our aimbot, full ESP, and more.

Previously named Extraction, the game has been renamed and relaunched as Dirty Bomb. Each Merc (mercenary) has its own unique personality, skill set, and weapons. You will be astonished at how the game has managed to make each character so unique! During your gameplay, you will find it as much about developing your own Merc as it is about achieving the aim of the game. If you want to play Dirty Bomb, stay undetected, unlock all your weapons and rule every MP round get our Dirty Bomb Cheats right now.

You will become part of a team intent on taking control of the city. Dirty Bomb is all about team play rather than the solo type game.

We have released our New Dirty Bomb Hacks to our registered users! If you haven’t had time to check out the game head over to our main page for the game and look at everything it has to offer. If you ever played Combat Arms or any other F2P game from Nexon you’re going to love Dirty Bomb! We have a full-featured cheat up now and you get access first here at IWantCheats, the only place in the world for undetected hacks.

Why Should You Use Dirty Bomb Hacks?

People always ask us why they should use hacks and my best reply is “because it makes the game more fun” and if you want to read all about it, check out this article I wrote on cheating called Why I Hack and Why You Think I’m an SOB.

The game is currently in its Beta state but over the next few months they will be taking on more and more members, so if you want to get involved and get in there ahead of the rest, you need to head over to the main site and register for membership. You can also track everything about the Dirty Bomb on the forums.

So if you want to get in and get shooting to claim the glory and the riches of a post-apocalyptic London then sign up for Dirty Bomb. With intense gameplay and radical team building, you won’t be disappointed, sign up now and get instant access to our Dirty Bomb Cheats.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2023