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Combat Arms Line of Sight Hacks

IWantCheats is the first site in the world to offer new Combat Arms Line of Sight hacks.

These hacks will help you see every player at all times, even when they are behind walls or other objects, this allows you to sneak attack other players, kill them before they see you, and preplan every attack you make.

You’ll be able to rank up fast, win every round, and score the most points using our LOS hacks. You can Download Line of Sight on Steam. IWantCheats has been rated the best online Warzone 2 cheats supplier on the market. We are trusted and offer highly affordable solutions.

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Combat Arms Line of Sight Aimbot

LOW aimbot which includes VIS checks, 360 fields of view, and instant kill.

All you do is wait until a player is green (meaning they can be hit) and then you press the aimbot key you set up, then fire and they die instantly. Precision firing is extremely important in COD games such as Modern Warfare 2 hacks that use aimbots.

If you ever wonder how other players find you and kill you so fast, it’s because they use our Line of Sight Aimbot in the game. =)

Can I Get Banned Using the LOS Cheat?

The LOS Cheat runs on VAC anti-cheat, and we haven’t had a VAC detection in years, so it’s safe to say you’ll be ok using out Line of Site Cheat.

We have triple-layer security on every cheat here at IWC, and our top priority is to keep you safe. We have the most advanced HWID Spoofer for download.

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Ok, How Do You Get the Line of Site Hack?

It takes about five minutes to sign up and get the Line of Sight Hack, simply follow these steps and you’ll be hacking in no time!

1) Register on the IWantCheats Forum
2) Subscribe to the LOS Hack
3) Go to the VIP Forum for Line of Sight
4) Download the cheat and start playing

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Line of Sight: An Innovative Next-Gen Online FPS Game By Blackspot Entertainment

Line of Sight by BlackSpot Entertainment is the latest edition of the next-generation online FPS games.

Equipped with many creative and unique systems, it will take the gameplay to a whole new level. The game plays in a modern military setting with twisted reality.

It bears resemblance with Bioshock and Call of Duty merged in a multi-player environment. Line of Sight was released worldwide on September 8th, 2016.

The game is set in the WWII environment, when the United States, Germany, and USSR were trying to breakthrough through nuclear weapon technology.

Germany was looking to build an army of genetically-enhanced soldiers – the soldiers who would feel no pain and have the strength of multiple men. When Germany got defeated in WWII, many of its scientists switched to new identities.

They called it operation “Paperclip.” They continued on their mission to create super-powerful soldiers under a secret name.

US Army Intelligence established another secret project in 1978. The operation was called the “Stargate Project” and focused on cultivating human psychic powers to identify nuclear test sites and kill animals only by a single eye stare.

The project, however, couldn’t live longer and was shut down in 1995 when the information about its existence got leaked by an insider, Joseph McMoneagle.

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The public did not believe the project considering it a rumor. However, taking advantage of people’s ignorance, the “Stargate Project” was renamed as “Europa” and continued on a much bigger scale than before secretly.

The test subjects were able to identify the nuclear locations of the Soviet Union. A German Scientist, Dr. Adrian Geiger invented a drug, known as Agent-GX, to enhance the human psionic powers beyond imagination. The drug worked by tripling the synaptic connections of the test subjects, this provided quick reflexes, remote viewing, super strength, telekinesis, and Tele quash abilities to the trial subjects.

However, the drug did have its harmful effects, and the test subjects who were not strong enough died of brain damage. For this reason, Death-row inmates were screened for further experiments, since they had nothing to lose. Out of the 12 patients, 8 survived the tests. These eight were named “Psygens.” All these Psygens were active with psionic powers. They were also violent, cold, ruthless, and difficult to control for their stone-hearted nature.

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Psygene were not easy to monitor by the Psionic Intelligence Agency (PIA) for their lack of obedience. PIA started looking for a group of psionic soldiers they could depend on during wartime. Work on the creation of a new group of troops initiated by loyal US military personnel. This group was named “Centurions.” PIA ordered Dr. Hendrix to research on the Centurion project for building the second group of soldiers.

In the meanwhile, DR. Geiger was happy with the abilities of Psygens but continued working to enhance them further. He found out that the Psygen’s abilities were powerful due to the defects in the human genome. He created a new person without any genetic defects interfering with Agent-GX. For making it possible, he had to use illegal genome research and was successful in creating a new genetic human being in his lab. He called it “Alpha Child.”

The Alpha Child had five times the synaptic connection with zero genetic defects. He was also the breakthrough point of psionic research and led to enhancing the psionic abilities of other soldiers.

Though Dr. Geiger was jubilant about the success of Psygens and the Alpha child, PIA continued its work on Centurions. As the research moved ahead, PIA became skeptical of Dr.Geiger’s Alpha Child Project; this endangered the life of Dr. Geiger and his Psygens. Dr. Geiger decided to protect them like his children.

He methodically planned their escape by faking clones of Psygens only to switch them with real ones later on. He gave instructions to his most loyal Psygen Gere to transport Psygens in coffins disguised as dead bodies to an unknown location to PIA.

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Dr. Geiger also worked on faking his death, but the chemicals ignited prematurely, erupting fire between him and the Alpha Child. When the guards were alerted, he had to escape abandoning the Alpha Child. He fled to Mexico and Cuba before settling in Moscow Russia, where he reunited with his old friend and colleague Dr. Boris, responsible for the Uber Soldier program for the Russians. Dr. Geiger instructed his other Psygens and Gere to join him there and started to create a team of more powerful Psygens.

With the speculated existence of extra-powerful Psygens, the Centurions faced a challenging task against them. But, with the Alpha Child in their custody, they still have a hope of victory over an army of Psygens.

Game Modes
There is a total of eight game modes in LOS. Let’s take a brief look at them one by one.

Elimination Mode
In the elimination mode, the players can respawn. Pressing the Spacebar will respawn your character without delay. Your character takes 3 seconds to respawn successfully; this helps to engage in as many fights as possible.

Domination Mode
The domination mode gives three areas to dominate. However, the more areas you capture, the higher will be your team points. The team that reaches the target score first wins the match. Like elimination mode, you can also respawn your character in this mode. However, the character is respawned closer to your allies.

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One Man Army Mode
Everyone is an enemy in this mode. The combats are frequent even with lesser players compared to the other methods. Respawn with Spacebar to continue the battle.

Elimination Pro
Elimination Pro is about staying alive until all the enemies are defeated. It does not allow respawning within around. Surviving each round helps to score a point for the team.

Search & Destroy Mode
Search and Destroy mode is both offensive and defensive. The offensive team takes on the opposing team by planting a bomb. The defensive team has to diffuse that bomb. Respawning is not allowed, which means you need to plan out your moves cautiously.

Crystal Boost Mode
Crystal mode is all about collecting generated crystals. Collecting crystals will increase your score and fighting abilities. Defeating enemies with crystals in your collection will help to earn a high score.

Dual Match
The dual match challenges other players for a faceoff. The mode selects maps randomly. You can study all the available maps beforehand. The players are shown on the minimap as they go far in different directions. The mark disappears when they get near. You can use the minimap to find your opponent for the dual match.

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AI Team Death Match
Like the name suggests, the match played between the enemy team containing AI bots and the Ally team providing human players. The missing players have replaced with AI bots automatically.

Defense Mode Objective
Defense mode is about protecting the energy score. There are ten waves in total. You can protect the power source during this time to win the mission. You have to fight and keep the enemy as far as possible from the source of energy.

The graphics of Combat Arms Line of Sight (LOS) are powered by the Unreal Engine. Los is optimized to perform well on low-end graphics but is worth an investment on the graphics hardware to experience the high-quality Los graphics.

Game Contents
Combat Arms Line of Sight contains different unique elements such as SuperPower. SP includes Psionic abilities to inflict large damage to enemies. You will also experience a magical power as seen in the RPG games. SuperPower offers unique gameplay, which is unavailable in traditional FPS games. However, you have to adjust for its revolutionary nature. Once adjusted, you will enjoy and explore Line of Sight like no other FPS game. There is a Classic Mode available for players who prefer playing a traditional FPS setting.

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Weapon Tuning System
Line of Sight features realistic weapons through its classic weapon tuning system, which contains both primary and secondary weapons with an option to customize them. You can review the details for each part. The details are also shown in a disassembled view for inspecting the individual parts.

Character Customization System
Line of Sight also features character customization. Just like the customization options of the Weapon Tuning System, you can modify your character as per your combat requirements. Customization will help you to add unique abilities to your character to make for a fun gaming experience.

Real-time Built-in Statistics Analysis
The game statistics are calculated and analyzed by map, weapon, game mode, etc. You can check your progress to study and learn from the gameplay data, available directly within the game. You can also browse your competitor’s data in addition to your own. All the statistical data is available in real-time, which you can look through after every round.
Social Network System

Combat Arms Line of Sight gives you the option to play the game with your Facebook friends by integrating it with the game’s server. Take screenshots at any time and share it with your friends via Facebook. The Social Network System is also planned to introduce more features.
Built-in Ranking Match System

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Line of Sight, unlike the other games, has an integrated ranking match system available for players at any time. The game offers Ranking events for both individuals and clans. The ranking data is finalized upon completion of every match, allowing the players to see the real-time change in rankings. There are also all-time rankings and annual rankings giving players a chance and opportunity to influence rankings regardless of the participation duration.

Combat Arms Line of Sight is a treat for fans of pure military FPS games. The unique FPS settings and the Classic modes are available to suit the gameplay of every individual. The game content, best-in-class rankings, leagues, and clans all make it an enjoyable game. New features will be introduced in the game from time to time. You are free to play casually or challenging depending on your combat skills and taste. Get our Combat Arms Line of Sight Aimbot Hack Now!

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Last Updated on January 29, 2023