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Civilization VI Hack

Civilization VI hacks
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Does the Civilization VI Hack Include Unlimited Gold?

Our Civilization VI hack not only includes unlimited gold, but you can also adjust tokens, science, faith, etc., this means you can grow your city size fast and defeat everyone without any issues. If you love COD games and have been looking for Warzone 2 hacks to unlock all aspects of the game such as weapons and operators, then check our article.

Do you have to use Civilization VI console commands?

No, you don’t have to use the console commands when using our cheat. Simply open the Civilization VI cheat menu, and you can adjust every feature with the mouse.

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What type of features does the Civilization VI cheat include?

We compiled an enormous amount of features in our Civilization VI cheat that allow you to do everything faster and without having to wait. You can view details on how to use Modern Warfare 2 hacks on our dedicated page.

The feature list below shows you everything we include and explains what each option will do.

Civilization VI Cheat Features


  • Fast Civics: Complete each civic research in 1 turn (takes a while to stop once disabled)
  • Fast Techs: Complete each tech research in 1 turn (takes a while to stop once disabled)
  • Unlock Techs: Completes all techs instantly
  • Unlock Civics: Completes all civics instantly
  • Unlock Governments: Makes all governments available
  • Unlock Policies: Makes all government policies available


  • Fast Unit Production: Build any unit in 1 turn
  • Fast Wonder Production: Build any wonder in 1 turn
  • Fast Buildings: Build any district or building in 1 turn
  • Fast Projects: Complete projects in 1 turn


  • No Garrison Damage: No city garrison damage
  • No City Def Damage: No city defense damage
  • Inf City Attacks: Unlimited ranged attacks by any of your cities
  • Dec Unit Dmg: 0-100% reduction in damage to your units
  • Inc Unit Healing: 0-100% boost in unit healing
  • Inc Others Dmg: 0-100% Causes any unit not owned by you to suffer more damage
  • Dec Others Healing: 0-100% Causes any unit not owned by you to heal slower
  • Inf Moves: When enabled allows you to keep moving and attacking
  • Anti-Warmonger: Decreases AI Warmonger complaining, can make AI friendlier (removes info about city captures, etc)
  • Raze Capitals: When enabled before taking a city allows you to raise their capital


  • Min Nuke Count: Freeze’s nuke count, adjustable 0-100
  • Min Thermo-Nuke Count: Freezes thermo nuke count, adjustable 0-100


  • Show all RSS: Enables resources from future eras to be seen on the map


  • Min City Size: Adjust minimum city size (don’t go to big or you will lack housing/food)
  • Min Gold: Maintain a minimum gold level in the treasury
  • Min Envoy Tokens: Adjust number of envoy tokens available
  • Min Science: Adjust science level, this also boosts tech research speed
  • Min Culture: Adjust culture level, this also boosts civics research speed
  • Min Faith: Adjust religious faith level, will boost spreading religion
  • Number of Spies: Add more spices if you run out

Civilization VI cheats
Civilization VI Review
Civilization VI is the sixth release of the original Civilization game, which was created by Sid Meier’s in 1991. It is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games.

Civilization VI has won several awards including “Strategy Game of the Year” by Game Informer, “Top 10 Best Video Games of 2016” by Forbes, and also “One of the Best Games of 2016” by Nerdist.

The game released on October 21, 2016, and is currently available for Microsoft Windows and OS X. You can get superior at playing the game by using our Civilization VI Tips & Tricks with our hacks.

Gameplay Features
Same as the previous installments, Civilization VI is all about establishing an empire from the Stone Age to the Information Age and ultimately becoming the ruler of the world.

You have to advance your army and use proficient leadership techniques to fight with some of the greatest leaders in history.

The game begins giving you an option to select one of the eighteen civilizations including American, Arabian, Aztec, Brazilian, Chinese, Egyptian, English, French, German, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Congolese, Norwegian, Polish, Roman, Russian, Scythian, Spanish and Sumerian.

Each civilization has a leader. For example, American Civilization is led by Teddy Roosevelt and Indian by Gandhi. Each leader has a unique agenda and a different ability.

Besides, each culture can build a unique piece of infrastructure. For instance, the Great Wall (China) and Acropolis (Greek).

Civilization VI cheat

A new feature in Civilization VI, Districts make up an important part of the whole city.

A district can be built outside the city center, and each city can have several districts.

They help to unlock new buildings and units. For example, you can create a Campus district, allowing you to construct a Library or a University.

Similarly, the Harbor district can be used to build ships, even if, the city center is far away from the sea. There are several types of districts including Campus, Holy Site, Theater, Encampment, Harbor, Commercial Hub, Industrial Zone, Entertainment complex, and more.

City-States were introduced in Civilization V.

They are independent cities, which either help your civilization by providing means and resources or wage war against you.

It is always a good idea to befriend a city-state by sending envoys to them and develop a healthy relationship. However, envoys are something you earn by progressing in the game and gaining more influence points.

Leader’s Agenda
One of the best things in the gameplay is the distinct agenda of each leader, which guides their behavior.

Each leader has two agendas; one is uncovered when the player meets the leader for the first time. For instance, Cleopatra of Egypt prefers siding with those civilizations, which have enormous military strength, and dislikes those with weak military power.

The second agenda is hidden and is revealed when the player establishes a good relationship with the leader. The ties with the leader can be improved through delegations, trade deals, and gaining their trust.

The social policies from Civilization V have been replaced with ‘Civics’ in this game. Civics have their tech trees and are unlocked with culture granting new unlockables including buildings, wonders, and policy cards.

Policy cards are unlocked through Civic trees and can be collected at the Policy Card deck.

Each card can be used to customize the government type and unlock new items. There are four different policy cards namely Military, Economic, Diplomatic, and Wild.

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Civilization VI begins with the basic ‘chiefdom’ type of government, but other forms unlock as the game progresses. Each government has certain bonuses and a different configuration of slots for policies. For example, individual governments focus more on economy and diplomacy policies and might not concentrate on the military. There are ten government types including Autocracy, Classical Republic, Oligarchy, Monarchy, Theocracy, Merchant Republic, Democracy, Communism, and Fascism.

Religion is another important part of Civilization VI. It can ultimately lead to gaining victory and expanding influence. Players can establish a religion once the ‘Great Prophet’ unit appears. The symbol and the custom name can be chosen manually. Two beliefs are assigned initially i.e. ‘Founder Belief’ and ‘Follower or Worship Belief.’

As the ‘Apostle’ unit unlocks, the players can spread the religion in other cities and civilizations. Other beliefs can also be added using the ‘Evangelize Belief action,’ which kills the apostle and lets players choose another faith.

Building a Wonder
Wonders hold immense importance for civilization, as they unlock new bonuses. Wonders in Civilization VI are named after the real-world landmarks and serve as an achievement if a player builds it before other civilizations. Unlike previous installments, players now can create a Wonder outside the city tile, and they can be unlocked via the Civic tree.
There are around 30 Wonders including Alhambra, Oxford University, Big Ben, Colossus, Eiffel Tower, Forbidden City, Great Library, Great Pyramids, Oracle, and more. Each Wonder comes with unique bonuses and requires a special place where it can be built.

Leader’s Strength and Strategy
Each leader in Civilization VI is based on the familiar real-world figure and possesses particular strengths and weaknesses. By following the right strategy, a leader can become successful quickly. Let’s discuss the bonuses and strategies of some of the leaders.

Civilization VI tips tricks

Catherine De Medici (France)
Catherine De Medici is the French leader of the medieval era. Improving relationships with her can unlock spying abilities and increase diplomatic visibility as well as reveal a special unit called Garde Impériale. The best strategy for Catherine De Medici would be to build Wonders and take advantage of the bonuses unlocked through them.
Cleopatra (Egypt)

As the prosperity of Egypt is linked with the river Nile, building the city near a river can unlock bonuses. A special unit ‘Maryannu Chariot Archer’ also gets unlocked early in the game, which is ideal for fighting on open ground. Cleopatra’s rule is all about trade routes. If you can establish good commerce and set up a dominating army, victory will be yours.

Frederick Barbarossa (Germany)
The German leader Frederick Barbarossa is known for expanding his empire, thus the best strategy while playing with his Civilization would be to conquer city-states. The era of steam and steel can be used as an advantage to turn Germany into an industrial state. Bonuses include additional military policy slots, building more districts, U-Boat (naval unit), and an industrial district called ‘Hansa.’

Gandhi (India)
The best strategy while playing with Indian Civilization would be to progress in the field of agriculture and develop friendly ties with other civilizations by using Gandhi’s faith bonus. Other bonuses include Varu War Elephants and Stepwell improvement.

Gilgamesh (Sumeria)
Playing with Gilgamesh, it is advisable to establish military allies early in the game and build Ziggurats to achieve victory in the field of culture and science. Bonuses encompass sharing military resources with allies, no warmonger penalties, rewards for destroying barbarians, and war carts.

Civilization VI logo png

Harold Hardrada (Norway)
With Harold Hardrada, faith and war go hand in hand. Building a naval army as well as spreading the religion would be the best strategy. Bonuses include melee naval units, berserker (infantry unit), Viking Longship and Stave Church.

Hojo Tokimune (Japan)
Planning your land according to the Japanese Civilization is very crucial to accommodate the future technological industries. Also, build Samurai warriors to fight with the barbarians and rivals. Bonuses comprise of making districts quickly, samurai warriors, an electronic factory district, and more.

Although Civilization VI is a strategy turn-based game and the focus is more on the gameplay rather than the graphics, it may require a PC with solid hardware to run properly. Although the game renders no special effects or fancy visuals, Civilization VI may require you to opt for the minimum graphics setting if your system has less than 4GB Ram. The best part is the visual options menu, which is helpful for those who don’t possess a high-end video card.

There are two presets; one is for full details, while the other is for memory usage. Do not worry about the graphics quality declining on minimum setting, as the game looks almost the same with max settings too. Turning off shadows and anti-aliasing can improve the frame per second significantly and reduce any lag.

The level of detail is exceptional, and the stunning animation gives the game an authentic feel. The buildings and unit details differ in each civilization to extend an immersive gaming experience.

civ vi cheat

5 Useful Tips for an Effective Campaign
Civilization VI is not like the previous installments and requires proper planning and strategy to fulfill the game’s objectives. We are going to discuss five essential tips you should be aware of before starting the game. These surely help you advance in the game easily.

  1. Plan Your City for Future
    There is no way a player can tell how the city will look upon reaching the modern era. The city built during the Stone Age may have different requirements compared to the new age. Thus it is essential to plan the city in advance and consider opting tiles near the river for adequate water supply or choosing a flat terrain to construct Wonders quickly.
  2. Don’t Underestimate the Barbarians
    Unlike the previous games in the Civilization series, the barbarians will not just try to destroy your buildings and units, but can also determine the weaknesses of your Civilization and use them against you. It is a good idea to build warriors and slingers early in the game to avoid any attacks.
  3. Protect the Trade Routes
    Trade routes are automatically created between the cities encompassing some harsh terrains and dangerous areas. That makes them prone to assault. Spread your traders around the routes and protect the roads to establish a safe trading environment.
  4. Interact with the AI Leaders
    As mentioned earlier, each leader has a distinct agenda, and you can interact with them and develop diplomatic ties by aiding them in their program. However, do not fall for any trap, as some leaders may have evil hidden agendas and may try to destroy your civilization.
  5. Understand the Civic and Tech Tree Carefully
    Each Civic unlocks a new bonus. Thus it is essential you figure out what is needed at a particular time. Do you require more infantry, naval units, or horsemen? Also, it is imperative to use Policy cards according to the strategy you have adopted for your civilization.

Civilization VI Game Review Verdict
Civilization VI is undoubtedly one of the best strategy games available right now. The in-depth game features and the story related to each leader are truly impressive with accurate historical facts. The graphics are equally stunning and enhance the overall gaming experience. I would highly recommend Civilization VI to strategy game lovers and previous owners of the game series.

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Last Updated on July 3, 2023