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Battlefield 2142 Hack

30+ features the most notable, our aimbot, which has full chams ( glowing player models ), the ability to aim all weapons much easier and accurately ( including non-homing ). With our vehicle aimbot, you can shoot flying vehicles from the sky and take out opponents fast.

Enable further variants of the game, including a new interface of special options with our BF2042 cheats.

Battlefield 2142

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Deadly Accurate Lock
* AutoAim and Auto Fire Feature
* Triggerbot lets you look more natural
* Full No Spread so all bullets hit dead on center
* Full 360 FOV can even see behind you
* Bone Scan finds a bone to hit when the player hides, very useful when using hacks in MW2
* Aimkey can be set to use any key you choose
* Head/Neck/Chest/Waist Kill Boxes for variations
* Select Opponents, Friends, or Everyone as your target
* SmoothAim slows the movement to look natural
* Visibility Checks only locks on when the player can be hit
* Target by closest to distance or closest to the crosshair
* Knifebot with BoneAim to take out the attacker on auto
* Auto Pistol, just hold down the fire key and watch
* Auto Target lets you pick one guy and keep destroying opponents
* List the names of friends you don’t want to annihilate

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Smart Bounding Boxes with Colors
* Player Tags Displayed:
* Names + Class + Health
* Visual: shows an icon or frame around targets
* Distance: alerts distance to foes
* Two-tone chams make player models glow
* Spawn beacons glow so you can find them easier
* Smart Bounding Boxes with Colors

iwc-checkmarked Removable
* Remove Blur will remove the shellshock effect
* Remove all grass and other vegetation
* Remove sky to reveal oppositions and gunship easier
* Remove Fog for better distance views
* Remove Smoke from grenades and objects

iwc-checkmarked ViewDistance
* Three varying distances to allow you to see the entire map.

iwc-checkmarked 2D Radar
* Reveals everyone’s positions.

bonus BONUS
* Kill sound packs are supplied in our forum
* EnemyAim warning when weapons are pointed at you
* Turn off EMP strikes so they don’t blind you
* Show FPS puts your frame rate inside the game
* Show Ping displays your ping on screen
* Show Time display the current time in game


A Friend in Need

One of the biggest complaints about BF 2142 is how difficult it is to accomplish almost anything in-game without a large group of friends actively playing. Our hacks give you the power to play solo and survive the opposition artillery deployments when alone. Find a good vantage point for sniping keeps executing without being bombed continuously. Orbital strikes become someone else’s problem.

The AI for the competition loses every time over your friendly AI and no more worries about spawning near non-friendly control points.

Battlefield 2142 Hack


Improve your weapon accuracy 100% with our 360 degrees Aimbot that can even see behind you. Quickly escape situations with the ability to control vehicles more efficiently and know where any invasion is at all times. Use the sniper rifle to take someone out all the way across the map, our aimbot hacks are that accurate and good.

bf 2142cheats

Improved Titan Mode

Gameplay in Battlefield 2142 is fresh and improved and with TriggerBot, everything appears natural. Navigation becomes easier with the removal of clouds, fog, and smoke; even grass is gone with our removal features.

Before you leave, Battlefield series fanatics have been enjoying our Warzone 2 hacks with Aimbot, go check it out.

Last Updated on January 29, 2023