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Anthem Hack

Anthem Hack

You Have Anthem Hacks Already?

That’s right IWC had the first ever Anthem Hacks released for the beta of the game. You can see from the images below that our cheat provides ESP so you can always see the enemy.

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If you don’t have Anthem yet pick it up at the EA website, the game is fantastic and reminds us of Destiny.

Our Anthem Hack will help you enjoy the game more because you can always see where the enemy is coming from and you’ll never be surprised again.

What Features does the Anthem Cheat Have?

Currently, our Anthem Cheat includes 5 levels of ESP & a full Aimbot very similar to our hacks for Warzone 2, included in the feature list below.

  • This is our list of features
  • Player Name ESP: Displays the player name of every player in the round.
  • NPC ESP: Shows you where every NPC is located.
  • Health ESP: Displays the current health level of every enemy player.
  • Distance ESP: Displays how far away each enemy and team player is from your location.
  • 2D Radar: Displays a scalable and moveable 2d radar to see all players.
  • Ignore Teammates: Allows you to turn all ESP off from teammates.
  • IWC Anti-Cheat: Keeps you safe from being detected.
  • Screenshot proof: Clears the screen if a screenshot is taken.
Anthem Hacks

Anthem Hacks

Do You Provide an Anthem Aimbot?

Yes, we have a fully working bone Anthem Aimbot with silent kill, this is the most accurate Aimbot cheat in the world.

The Aimbot is fun to use because you can hit the right mouse, lock onto the enemy, fire and all bullets hit them dead center.

We had over 150 subscribers when we released the Anthem Cheat, the Aimbot was released shortly after a few hours later.

Our Anthem Aimbot includes bones and VIS checks and works flawlessly when you play in a game just like our MW2 aimbot capabilities.

Anthem Cheats

Anthem Cheats

Bioware’s Anthem: Our Impression Of The Game
First revealed to the gaming community about two years ago, Anthem is Bioware’s latest project. It is a sci-fi, online multiplayer action RPG published by Electronic Arts, which will officially be available to gamers worldwide in February 2019. Like other avid gamers, I have been undoubtedly impatiently waiting for its release. However, players within the gaming community who signed up for VIP-access received the game on 25th January, which is how I got my hands on Anthem.

Anthem was long considered as Bioware’s competitor to the famous Destiny series from Bungie. However, I was quickly proven wrong in this assumption when I started playing the game. Anthem is a well-made, solid game with good graphics, an immersive in-game world and proficient gameplay that rapidly establishes it as its own video game and not just a put-together competitor to Destiny. It also signifies Bioware’s efforts to move away from its traditional action RPGs and step toward a shared-world shooter video game.

It allows you to game with your friends as a Freelancer, a mercenary type character, who with a group of other Freelancers leaves their own society to traverse through the in-game world either for the sake of exploration or on quests. The characters themselves are not very sophisticated with their dialogue and facial animation.

However, the immersive gameplay and the fun of exploring this online world with friends quickly take the stage such that these faults do not personally bother much. The Freelancer does require constant upgrading too, for both weapons and stats, which would preoccupy you. Overall, Anthem felt like a good action shooter video game with competent graphics and smooth gameplay that I could see myself playing for hours and hours.

Anthem Cheat

Anthem Cheat

Anthem Storyline:
The Anthem’s storyline is simple yet open, which allowed the game developers the freedom required to build it up in any way they want. A magical force named Anthem has plagued the world outside of Fort Tarsis. This is a reason of the monsters’ existence such as savage hounds and huge scorpions. This also produces some valuable collectibles for the Freelancers.

The Freelancers themselves are a once-elite and respected group of warriors bound to each other with codes of loyalty and goodwill. However, with time, they lost their reputation and are now defamed. Each squad of Freelancers now works to solve quests to make a living as well as regain the honor that the warrior cult has lost. On the way to solving missions, the Freelancer runs into several helpers, rivals and NPC characters, with each having their own opinion of the Freelancers too.

The storyline is not thrown at you in one burst; instead, it is revealed through several flashbacks in small increments. Each time you learn new information about the world you were fighting for, it really feels like a revelation. The storyline also makes a direct contrast between the presence of several opposing forces in the world and how your job is to go on quests for them as a mercenary rather than fighting against or for them. This makes it much more engaging than working through the political rifts of the world’s factions.

In-Game World:
The first teaser for Anthem depicted a Freelancer walking through a marketplace brimming with fantasy and alien creatures. Once I played the game, this place turned out to be a part of the Fort Tarsis, which is the home base for our Freelancers. Here, I was able to trade with some shopkeepers for items that I used for upgrading my Javelin. Other than the market stalls, which made up a big part of the fort, there were also rooms where a group of different characters lounged and conversed.

Anthem Aimbot

Anthem Aimbot

The game is successful at creating a home out of Fort Tarsis, where you can make friends and talk to acquaintances who greet you as you walk by. This creates a personalized feel of home that drew me in quickly. It was a place where I could collect unique quests that were available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Outside the home base, the in-game world is not very expansive, consisting of twenty-four regional areas placed close to each other. Each one consists of a battle arena, with a few changes made in the terrain. However, it is still an open world, and a beautiful one at that, where your Freelancer is free to fly around the territories and explore them. Unfortunately, I did not have much time to do so, but I will most probably return to the game to go through each region at least once.

Anthem Character Customizations:
Once Anthem’s mission starts, I was introduced to the Javelin. It is the battle suit you must don in the game, which will help you fight in battles. You can choose from four Javelin suit options – the Colossus, slow-moving but with a high tolerance for damage.

The Interceptor, fast-moving with light armor and strong attacks. The Storm, which is capable of hovering for a considerable period and attacking through snow sprays or lightning attacks from above and lastly the Ranger, which is a well-rounded Javelin good for supporting other team-mates during team play. However, in the VIP demo, I could only start with the Ranger and had the option of unlocking another Javelin at level 12, where I chose to open Colossus.

The Javelins themselves are also customizable including the material type used for each part of the suit, the color of the Javelin’s armor plates, and the wear state of the suit, from brand new to somewhat dirty and worn down. You can also apply blue vinyl to your Javelin suit if you are looking to achieve a more stylish look.

If you also preordered the VIP demo as I did, you will have access to an exclusive, beautiful blue vinyl in the main game. Besides, you can add three customized emotes to your Javelin and a distinctive landing and victory pose animation as well. Other cosmetics and emotes are also available, but you will have to buy them using either an in-game currency of Coins or by microtransactions through Shards. Other character customizations include gender and facial characteristics.

Anthem Hacker

Anthem Hacker

Anthem Gameplay:
A group of Freelancers in the game consists of four members maximum. One fact that I really liked about these groups is that the members do not have to be on the same level, and neither does this affect any low-classed squad members during battles. Instead, level scaling seems to take place from each individual player’s degree, which means that even in group battles with higher ranking team members, you do not have to fight against higher-difficulty level enemies. You will not be able to pick up loot from any enemies except those at your own level.

Flying in the Javelin was also an exciting experience, but as much as I wanted to, I could not fly for long periods without my Javelin getting overheated. I had to land often to allow the suit to cool down. Another interesting way of cooling is flying through waterfalls, which I enjoyed immensely. In battles, when a projectile hit you during flying, your Freelancer crashes to the ground – Javelin suit and all. However, I was able to both fly and hover while firing my weapons at enemies on the field simultaneously, which did make Anthem more fun for me.

As my group of Freelancers and I continued along the quest, we partook in small skirmishes. However, the real fun began when we reached the final arena. Many fighters including wild dogs and oversized scorpions, multiple high tolerance artillery units and a hovering boss with magical powers and a defensive energy shield awaited us there.

If you are into strategical fighting, a lot of access points are present for you to plan and attack while you can also just jump straight into the fight. With my Colossus Javelin suit, I could deliver a powerful stomp that cleared a considerable radius around me while also increasing the damage done to the enemies. Combined with the flying and my suit’s high tolerance for damage, I was quite successful in fighting the foot soldiers.

My machine gun and shotgun came in handy while dealing with the special artillery units. The magical boss, on the other hand, gave me a bit more trouble as I had to take cover in the landscape to avoid damaging attacks. The health bar refills slowly, so if you play the game, you must remain careful and dodge attacks since you will most likely be unable to find a peaceful spot to recover during battles. The Colossus suit also had the added advantage of heavy weaponry. It included a mortar that I could throw at an enemy unit or boss and an energy wave that released in a radial arc around me and cleared enemy attackers.

Anthem Logo PNG

I only played the game to test it out, however, if you play longer, you will be able to gain access to more weapons, either through collecting them or by crafting them yourself through recycling other weapons. Crafting, one of my favorite features in Anthem, was easy to use and yet satisfying. It only requires a blueprint and the materials necessary to craft the product you want. This kept me on the constant lookout for different blueprints so that I could craft even more products.

At every class, Freelancers have access to an ultimate weapon. Although this takes time to charge up, it also allows you full immunity from death during the weapon’s usage. This can be a helpful feature during high-intensity battles, as you can coordinate with your squad members to fire off your ultimate weapons at the same time for increased damage. However, I was unable to test this out.

At the end of each mission, every player is rewarded with individual XP depending on their performance in the mission. In addition to the loot you can pick up during fights, you also have the option to collect minerals. These minerals help in crafting weapons and upgrades for your suit as well.

Anthem Graphics:
Anthem has a beautiful in-game world, and the competent graphics make it a real pleasure to play. The surroundings are vibrant and green, with elaborate architecture, scenic rivers, waterfalls and plants giving no indication of the dangerous magical force that has taken over the world. Compared with the chaotic and dark worlds of most of Anthem’s competitors, this world filled with life and colors is a breath of fresh air.

Anthem Review Conclusion:
Anthem is an engaging and fun game to play with its beautiful graphics, an in-game world that draws you in, personalized NPCs, and character customizations. Although the storyline may give some a feeling, it is not deep enough, other game characteristics are good enough that it did not matter much to me. All in all, Anthem is a game I look forward to playing again and giving more time to explore the world.

Last Updated on July 3, 2023